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Any non transfer item which appeared on John Buxton's last list (those that are still available) are now on the DUBLO Surgeon price list.

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Chassis for A4 tender pre/post war. 6.00
A4 tender tops. (Check for availability) 6.50
A4 tender bogies (a pair). (No wheels) 5.00
Tender wheel hanger plate Castle/8F. 5.00
Tender wheel hanger plate W/C 5.00

Valve gear.

Pre-war A4 saddle. 2.20
Complete set A4. 6.60
Duchess valve gear screw and nut. 0.40
Connecting rod. 1.10
Pins for A4 and Duchess valve gear. (Securing pins) 0.30
New replica valve gear for A4 loco will be available soon. Also be able to repair existing damaged valve gear. Prices to be announced. Please check for details.  


Bogie and tender wheel (replica).  (Check for availability) 1.00
Bogie axle. 1.00
Diesel wheels 2/3 rail grove and non-grove. For 2 rail add 0.45 for insulating bush. 1.60
Wagon wheel holder. 0.45

Please note: Original H/D & WR bogie and tender wheels, metal and plastic are sometimes available, so are Mazac and Shiny driving wheels. Please ask for availability.

Miscellaneous items.

Transformer knurled nuts. 0.65
Terminal rail knurled nut. 0.60
Chimney 060T. 1.20
Spade terminal for A3 controller 3.25
Plastic kit knurled nut or bolt 0.55
Crane jack. 4.30
Horse box horse, black, brown, fawn or grey 3.50
Spanner for locos 3.50
Loco headboards Deltic/A4 1.25

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Revised: August 10, 2013